Cheaper than Therapy

It is quite clear that I probably need therapy, several hours on a couch two or three times a week, just to get through the random crazy that pops into my life and mind. But I don’t have that kind of money and, since popping bubble wrap only takes care of a little bit of the stress, I write these posts in the hope of some catharsis and that others may find peace in knowing they are not alone.

  • Illustration of a man wearing board shorts that have large glaring eyes over the crotch area and the words "No fear" on the leg.

Eyes up!

I talked with human resources, explaining how awkward it is that two of my coworkers can't seem to keep from focusing on my breasts when I'm trying to talk to [...]

  • Illustration of a white couch with crimson splatters all along the right side and a red wine glass tipped over with a puddle of wine beside it.

I keep dropping drinks

Spilling stuff wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to immediately stop whatever it was I was doing and clean it up. But spills have a tendency to ruin [...]

  • Illustration of hand surrounding by loud musical notes, holding phone with Shazam app. The app states, "Wow! That is loud."

I could hear everything

I'm on my patio, wearing earplugs. And my neighbor's music is playing so loud; I can still hear it, even with the earplugs. I finally got off work and was [...]

  • Illustration for the post "I am miserable. How are you?" Illustration of a calendar with the current year crossed and the new year written in with symbols of luck around the edges like a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, stars, etc.

How are you?

“Hi, I’m Jane. I’ll be taking your blood today,” she said with a polite smile. “How are you?” I didn’t know what to say. My snarky side wondered - [...]

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