Healthy as a Pekingese

I’m healthy, but not that healthy. I have just enough minor physical ailments to keep me humble and feeling like a particularly unique brand of crossbreed. What’s wrong with me now? I ask the universe frequently. No answer so far, which means my doctor gets to deal with me.

  • Illustration of a white couch with crimson splatters all along the right side and a red wine glass tipped over with a puddle of wine beside it.

I keep dropping drinks

Spilling stuff wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to immediately stop whatever it was I was doing and clean it up. But spills have a tendency to ruin [...]

  • Illustration of a kitten playing with and shredding thoughts as they enter the brain.

Kittens in my brain

Heading to a meeting at 1011 NW 34th Street and somehow I find myself looking for 1101 NW 43rd Street. It is very annoying. I’ll be in a group talking [...]

  • Illustration of two feet with three left toes on strike.

Numb toes

It was a random set of symptoms that compelled me to set an appointment with my doctor The first symptom was the ability to hold things. Such a simple [...]

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