Experience Life

A number of years ago, I decided that I would try something new and different every year. Why? Because I wanted to experience more of life. Since then, I have jumped out of a plane (fortunately, the parachute opened), traveled overseas, ate raw robin’s eggs, and many more odd, crazy, and delightfully wonderful things. I admit that it can take me way out of my comfort zone on occasion but, at the very least, I learn something new and, more often than not, I find out more about myself and what I love in life.

  • Illustration of black diamond skiers, skiing down a mountain of whipped cream in a mug.

More whipped cream, please

Sitting at a table overlooking the snow-covered mountain, I was enjoying the view and a good book. Handsome was out skiing black diamonds. Black diamonds sound so glamorous. Sadly, they [...]

  • Illustration of two carved pumpkins. The one in the front that looks like Frankenstein has a label stating, "Hello, My name is Frank."

I created a pumpkinstein!

When I was a kid, my family didn't believe in Halloween - no pumpkins, no costumes, no trick-or-treating, no candy, and basically no fun. Then, I met Handsome, who treats [...]

  • Illustration of three characters from Halloween movies: the mask from Scream, the face of Jigsaw from Saw, and the thing from The Adams Family. The thing has a green checkmark next to it, while the other two each have a red x next to them.

Picking Halloween movies

Each year, Handsome and I pick our top four movies /tv shows for Halloween. We list them out and then number them. Then, we roll dice to see which one [...]


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