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How I clean the oven

Without scrubbing and cussing


Handsome decided to make lemon meringue pie yesterday. He often likes to make goodies throughout the week. His logic is dessert is allowed as long as we make it. Not one to argue with that logic, I wandered into the kitchen to see how it was going.

That is when I saw the smoke.

Naturally, I didn’t quickly run over to the stove and try to fix it. Nope, I hesitantly called out,

“Uhh, Handsome? Is that supposed to be smoking?”

“What?!” He called back from the living room.

“The oven is smoking!” I explained as I stared at the stove.

He rushed over and quickly opened the stove.

Well, now the smoke was gushing forth. I flipped on the fan that we purposely positioned in front of our super sensitive fire alarm for just such an occasion, which is usually used when I’m cooking.

Yes, the meringue had been singed on the top, but the real source of the smoke was the overspill of super sugary filling that had escaped and spread all over the bottom of the

stove, which was now a charred black mess.


But since I’m such a wonderful partner, and I just happened to be home working when he decided he wanted to use the stove tonight for dinner, I volunteered to clean the stove.

Now it is times like these that I really wish I would have taken before and after pictures, because I was just that amazed at how well this stove cleaner worked. But, sadly, I didn’t think of it. I just read the directions and got to work.

I can definitely recommend this product. It was amazing! (More on that later) Just so you know, I am in no way affiliated or connected with this brand/product. This is an endorsement from experience. In fact, Handsome chose it and brought it home. I wasn’t even involved in the selection of said product.

This oven cleaner truly is miraculous! I don’t know what kind of toxic chemicals it has in it – probably something that will cause me to give birth to sea monkeys someday – but it works!

While I was wholeheartedly amazed at the results, I do feel the directions are a bit lacking. Below are a few additions to consider if you buy this product.

1. Turn stove to 200 degrees

Also, turn on all fans, open windows, and prepare an escape plan because if what is melted on the bottom is still there, you will potentially get more smoke. But, more importantly, save yourself from the fumes you will be exposed to in a moment.

2. Place newspaper on the ground in front of the stove

3. Get long yellow kitchen gloves

  1. Wear long sleeve shirt with a high neckline. Layer with a turtleneck if you have it. Pull back your hair into clips, ponytails, etc.
    • Get a mask if you can, the kind you would wear when spray painting or dealing with noxious fumes
    • If you don’t have a mask, plan on doing this in stages.
      • Hold your breath
      • Spray like crazy
      • Run away!!
    • Gulp some air back into my lungs and start over until you are satisfied you have covered the top, sides, bottom, AND inside of the door (I forgot the door the first time and had to do it all over again)
  2. Then, close the oven door and let it work its magic. Ideally, go do something else in the house or outside – far away from the fumes and the fans
  3. Then, in about an hour or so, return with your gloves, sponge, and scouring pad. The mess will just wipe away. No joke. I was amazed at how quickly I was just wiping away grime. The burnt, charred pieces of meringue stuck on the bottom just lifted away.

Now, if you miss a spot (like I did), don’t worry. You just go back to your stages of holding your breath, spraying, and running away. Leave it for a bit again, and then come back. It will be ready to go.

There is some white residue left over in the oven, even after you have wiped everything away. I just waited a little longer and then wiped it down again. Really don’t want anything left that could get in your food. Probably just an over precaution on my part, but I feel better safe than melting my stomach from strange oven-cleaning chemicals.

Oh, and remember to protect your skin (hence the turtle neck recommendation). I tried to ignore the slight burning on my skin, but it was really uncomfortable. I didn’t even get direct spray on me, just a cloud of overspray, and I couldn’t wait to deaden the sensation with a damp washcloth. I may lose the first few layers of epidermal tissue on my neck and cheek, but given how much time this saved me in scrubbing and cussing, it may be worth it.

Bottom line: This oven cleaner truly is miraculous! I don’t know what kind of toxic chemicals it has in it – probably something that will cause me to give birth to sea monkeys someday – but it works! I put it on, waited, and wiped it off.

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