Home Sweet Home

  • Illustration of a whirlwind of christmas and art supplies with hands coming out of the whirlwind to finish Christmas tree, hang artwork of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and hang stockings.

A homemade Christmas

My family is coming for Christmas. Since Handsome and I rarely have company, I go into a tailspin of rapid decorating whenever a confirmation of company occurs. I pull frames [...]

  • Illustration of an ant finding a sugar pile on the kitchen counter with pink hearts above the ant's head.

I missed a spot

Handsome gave me a book on cleaning. He handed it to me and then promptly walked away. I’m not sure what response he was expecting. In his nightmare scenario, ear [...]

  • Illustration is of a part unicorn part aunt with sunglasses on a pretty pink background.

To be an aunticorn!

I have a niece! At long last, I’m officially an aunt. I’m thrilled and terrified at the same time.What kind of aunt will I be? Hopefully, the warm, understanding aunt [...]

  • Illustration for the post "I removed a dead root...with an ax." Illustration of garden tools in a row: a hoe, an ax, and hedge shears. The ax is surrounded by light and has a green ribbon on it with a thumbs up symbol in the middle.

I removed a dead root…

I can only imagine how I looked. An ax head poised in midair, my hands gripping the handle as I pulled it down into the earth, hearing a resounding "thwack" [...]

  • Illustration of a can of oven cleaner with a sea monkey on the front.

How I clean the oven

Handsome decided to make lemon meringue pie yesterday. He often likes to make goodies throughout the week. His logic is dessert is allowed as long as we make it. Not [...]

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