Illustration of a large moving truck blocking a tiny, yellow Volkswagon Beetle.

What if?

Giving some people the benefit of the doubt even when circumstances declare they must be selfish assholes


I had my day planned, lots of errands, and work to do. Stopping at home real quick to drop off some things, I looked out the kitchen window to see an enormous moving truck for my across-the-street neighbors had backed into their small driveway and completely blocked off the street. There was no way around it!

I looked out the kitchen window to see an enormous moving truck had completely blocked off the street. There was no way around it!

Staring at the large vehicle, I thought, “Well, I’ll just read a book, and hopefully, they will be done in an hour or two.” Five hours later, it is still blocking the street!

I was annoyed and furious. I wanted to stomp across the street and demand they move the vehicle so I could move on with my day. How rude and inconsiderate.

It was almost like I thought they were doing it on purpose. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. They do their own thing and expect everyone else in our small complex to just deal.

Do you ever have these thoughts?

Maybe about the guy who cuts you off in the Starbucks line, the woman who takes 10 minutes to complain to the cashier about a 25-cent-off coupon, the driver who slows down in the fast lane so they can read a text message…the list goes on and on.

Then, I wondered…what if.

What if they are desperately trying to pack and move out in one day for some reason? With limited help and time, they are doing the best they can. No, they didn’t think about my schedule or our neighbors, but maybe their circumstances are such that they can’t consider anything other than what they have to do.

What if the guy in the Starbucks line didn’t see you? What if the woman in the grocery store only has $50 a week for groceries and has to make every penny count to feed herself and her family?

The driver reading text messages in the fast lane is an ass, no what-ifs about that one.

But for most other people, I think giving them the benefit of a “what if” scenario makes sense.

Of course, they may still be selfish assholes.

Or they may just be people in circumstances they can’t control trying to do their best. If so, the least I can do is be a little flexible and understanding, right?

Hey, look.

They moved the truck.

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