Cheaper than Therapy

It is quite clear that I probably need therapy, several hours on a couch two or three times a week, just to get through the random crazy that pops into my life and mind. But I don’t have that kind of money and, since popping bubble wrap only takes care of a little bit of the stress, I write these posts in the hope of some catharsis and that others may find peace in knowing they are not alone.

  • Illustration of his cargo pants with full pockets including a puppy in one pocket and her pants with two tiny pockets.

I want pockets!

I can just picture a fashion nazi barking at me, “No pockets for you!” as he stares down at me forbiddingly and thrusts a pair of Gucci jeans in my [...]

  • Illustration of a kitten playing with and shredding thoughts as they enter the brain.

Kittens in my brain

Heading to a meeting at 1011 NW 34th Street and somehow I find myself looking for 1101 NW 43rd Street. It is very annoying. I’ll be in a group talking [...]

  • Illustration of two feet with three left toes on strike.

Numb toes

It was a random set of symptoms that compelled me to set an appointment with my doctor The first symptom was the ability to hold things. Such a simple [...]

  • Illustration of one finger balancing a martini glass with a ballpoint pen inside, a box with a label, a journal with an address label, and a coffee cup with a cocktail umbrella.

I did it!

Whenever I accomplish anything, even the smallest of tasks, not even very well, I might add, I’m practically giddy with joy. Look at me! I accomplished something! It feels [...]

  • Illustration of a large moving truck blocking a tiny, yellow Volkswagon Beetle.

What if?

I had my day planned, lots of errands, and work to do. Stopping at home real quick to drop off some things, I looked out the kitchen window to [...]

  • A hamburger with a fuzzy bun on top and bottom.


LYLAF. The letters sat on my phone, defying me to understand what each letter meant. I’m not new to texting, but even I was a bit baffled by the [...]

  • Illustration of a pair of pants with the thighs highly rubbing against each other with smiles and arms that hug each other.

I wiggle when I walk

I do! I actually wiggle when I walk. I can feel the weight around my middle jostle and move with each step. Ack! I had deluded myself into believing [...]

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